Event Branding for St. Jude Charity Auction

We worked with St. Jude for several years as a pro-bono client, and handled event branding duties for the Handbags for Hope event. We created an brand identity for the event anchored by a simple mark consisting of two overlapping handbags that combine to form the shape of a heart.

We introduced the mark with a custom event invitation featuring translucent green and orange flysheets that stack to form the logo and reveal event information. We housed them in a die cut containment unit designed with a fashion forward pattern and colors to evoke the idea of a special gift. We also applied the mark to event posters, programs and custom, hand printed and cut table centerpieces that feature various handbag shapes in the negative space of each center piece.

The event brand and materials were well-received and helped make the auction one of St. Jude’s most successful fundraising events to date.

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