Tempe Tourism Office: Environmental Graphic Design

The Tempe Tourism Office (TTO) moved into new space on Mill Avenue in 2015. As part of the buildout, phD collaborated with Twin Engine Design to develop an environmental graphic design installation for a window wall separating the TTO lobby from employee workspaces.

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Defining space & creating place.

With bright morning light and completely clear glass, the project requirements called for a design that would provide a privacy screen and serve as a way to welcome and engage TTO visitors. The new TTO offices are at the south end of the Mill Avenue Bridge, an iconic entrance into downtown Tempe, so it was fitting that we incorporate the landmark into our concept. We explored numerous ways of representing the bridge, but opted to create an abstract piece that reflects Tempe’s population and character.

Equally-sized, colorful dots are arranged to create an abstract representation that serves as a metaphor for the daily individual contributions that make Tempe a vibrant and diverse city. When standing directly in front of the image the viewer sees the arrangement of colorful dots, but as the viewer moves through the lobby—or photographs the wall—the image of the bridge becomes evident.

Privacy Preference Center